Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Meet our 3 Ladies}

Rewind a few months and it was a sunny Monday morning after Easter Sunday 2012. We decided to hit our local pet shop and start researching the idea of hens as pets.
Hubby was very excited and had to convince me to be so spontaneous and get everything we needed for our 'mini farm' on the spot. I loved the idea, but wasn't sure how we would go. It was new. And the idea of handling chickens wasn't familiar. The look on my 3 boys (big and small) was one of excitement and one of longing for our dream. Our one day property!
I jumped on board and we went home squished inside the car with a box of 3 chickens and the flat packed chicken coup. It was hilarious fitting it all in.

Fast forward 6 months.
Our 3 little ladies have settled in brilliantly. They are so tame and crouch down as you approach them ready for a hug. They give us about 2-3 eggs every day and I've only had to buy 1 or 2 cartons in that time (when baking big quantities of macarons usually ;)
The eggs are SO fresh and delicious! When we put ours in a 'poach off' with a supermarket egg, ours stayed together perfectly in comparison to the supermarket egg which foamed up and did not even try to stay together.
They have been a very welcomed addition to our house giving me moments like this every day:

A few notes:
- Although we dream of acerage, we have a 500m2 block of land now, and they don't take up much space at all and take such little maintenance.
- They make very little noise, we got hens for eggs after all, no roosters to wake up neighbors.
- I have cut down on food wastage and rubbish in general by probably close to 20%. They eat almost anything!
- They have helped teach our boys so many lessons, from food origins, care and responsibility to love of cooking and counting / numeracy skills (with egg collecting for my 3 year old).

We have convinced some to buy chickens and many more to consider. We only paid about $30 each for our Isa Browns and they are worth every penny. 

Q/ Would you ever get chickens at your place?
Lauren x

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  1. Definitely a must for us! We have other friends who added to their "farm" I believe on the same weekend as your gorgeous family did. They are loving the clucking eggy goodness too! (Although one of their four chooks turned out to be a rooster... oops!) Can't wait to give this a whirl in the near future! Looks wonderful for all involved! Thanks for posting. x



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