Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{The Lorax Birthday Party}

My (then) 5 year old son took me on a movie date a few months ago during his first ever school holidays in Kindy. We watched the Lorax and we both LOVED it. The environmental message is so well explained and interspersed with much humor, colour and catchy songs.
So here are the photos of my interpretation of Dr Seuss' delightful world. I apologize if there are a few ;)

The triple layer chocolate cake. Lorax sitting onto with 'unless' written in stone (need to see movie for that to make sense) and truffula trees with fairy floss (except these 'melted' in the hours leading up to the party, so do these last minute or use pom-poms).

The snack table full of yellow and orange food and decorations.

The yellow chocolate mustaches were used with a mould and put on lolly sticks so we got some good poses in photos ;) BIG HIT!

ACTIVITY 1: The back yard was split into 4 areas with different themed activities. We bought hay bales and sat them looking onto the chicken run (the hens were almost an attraction on their own). Then we did 'truffula' seed planting. Put soil into cups, get kids to stick finger into it to create hole, pinch some seeds into the hole, cover and spray with some water in a regular spray bottle. To make it travel easier for parents, pop in a cello bag. I used cress seeds as they sprout quickly to keep interest in the kids for the next few days.

I printed out the quote from the movie and wrote names into it I it reads : "Unless someone like Daniel cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not!"

ACTIVITY 2: Create your own mustache using a template I printed out. They stuck it onto a pop stick, glued on tissue paper and voila!

ACTIVITY 3: Temporary tattoos. I ordered some tattoo paper from "stick on tattoos" who were superb with their service and delivery. I used a cupcake topper printable and we ended up with tattoos to put on the kids.

ACTIVITY 4: Truffula Tree Pencils. This was easy, just get pencils, sharpies, glue and pom-poms. Get the kids to draw stripes on the pencils and glue the Pom Pom on the end.


The Pom pom wreath on the front door.

Truffula trees created out of re-purposef foam 'noodles'. These came from reverse garbage and were 5 for $1! Paint stripes on them and too with a tissue paper Pom Pom. About a dozen of these were scattered in the front and back yards.

Well it was a huge weekend and the kids all had a blast (from reports I got). I think I was slightly ambitious with doing 4 activities and only one helper other than myself. In retrospect I would have confirmed more helpers to make sure kids got all their activities into their 'take home' loot bags as I wasn't sure how many of the 30ish kids left with all their things.
Anyway, the birthday boy had a great time and that was what mattered I guess!.....and I survived.....just!

Lauren x

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  1. So good to see you back in blog land again Lauren! Party looks like it was fabulous! Congrats! x



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