Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Paper Heart Garland}

A dear friend of mine had her wedding day recently. She saw my heart garland I made for my valentines day dinner for my husband and asked if I would make something for her special day to give it a handmade touch. I have to admit I made it up as I went and I was over the moon with the result.
The couple are a beautiful couple and are both sickly talented in so many areas, especially musically. The groom proposed to her after singing her a song in front of friends. He even gave the wedding guests an encore of it in addition to serenading the bride in front of us all in a truely tearful moment that moved us all!

So, to personalise this decoration I went to an Op-shop (Vinnies) and found some old sheet music and got to work (silently appologising to those who took to the time to write the music).

I gently pulled the staples out and folded the papers back along the crease. Then I cut strips of paper from the fold to the open side about 3cm wide making a V shape. To make the double heart shape you need to cut half the strips a few cms shorter (this allows the inside heart to be smaller and fit inside the outside one.

Slip the strips inside each other so the folds are snug and staple together. (bottom left hand and centre pictures).

Then fold the top stips around to make the heart shape and so that they are all aligned and staple the four of them together. (bottom picture right hand side)


I repeated this many times over and then gently placed them into a box to transport to the wedding. Then using some gorgeous rustic twine (think it came from bunnings) I stickly taped them onto the string and created a bunting effect. This formed a banner the bride walked under as she stepped onto the red carpet of the isle and then we moved it to drape on the cake table for the reception. I loved the way it turned out and glad it added a little something extra to a friends' special day.

{the only shot of the hearts I have at the ceremony, and will have to get some clearer ones when the photos come out from the fantastic 1tree}
{Thanks to 1tree Photography for these photos - you are very talented indeed!}

Lauren x

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