Sunday, April 24, 2011

{Our 2011 Easter}

What a beautiful Easter this was this year. Sharing time with friends and family and reflecting on such an important time of year. My Mr 4 yr old shared that on Good friday we don't have to be sad because Jesus comes back alive again and He did it to make our hearts clean again. Such wisdom from my little man and I couldnt have put it better. Here are some photos of our Easter celebrations.
Our Easter cake that was shared at a Good friday dinner with friends.

Preparing some easter cards to put with some eggs and Easter Story books for the neighbours ;)

Trying to find all the eggs out the back the bunny left for us....the bunny even left a special package for mummy and daddy!

Little Mr was more concerned with lining them up on the chair than finding them :)

Evening up the loot! Might actually take some time to make baskets next year
(feel slack now hahaha).

Easter morning gets a thumbs up!

And little Mr tried to put his thumb up but we just point instead! GORGEOUS!

I hope that your Easter was full of lovely moments and that you shared them with those whom you love!

Bless you;
Lauren x

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  1. looks like you and your family had a wonderful Easter! your boys are so cute :)



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