Monday, August 30, 2010

Wedding cake with a difference ;)

I had an engagement party to go to on the weekend and (since we are building our house and renting at the moment) decided to get creative.

I used the following items and scored some real bargains to create a very pretty gift.
- 2 bath towels
- A scented candle
- Some body wash
- Some massage oil
- Heart shaped chocolates
- Wrapping paper
- Fabric ribbon
- A few long sewing pins
- Roll of clear cello
- Carboard scraps from around the house
1. Wrap some cardboard in wrapping paper as the base.
2. Cut some cardboard into a circle and affix with a stappler or a pin.
3. Unfold one of your towels and cover the round cardboard to form the bottom 'cake layer'.
4. Use two sewing pins to hold them in place (I used some with a pearly white head so it blended in).
5. Then using the second towel, roll it up and insert into the bottom layer and fiddle around with it so that it neatly fits creating the 'top cake layer'.
6. Wrap ribbon around the bottom layer and tie up to keep extra secure.
7. into the 'top layer' stuff some of the toiletries that you purchased.
8. Scatter the chocolates around.
9. Lay the finished 'cake' on to the clear cello and wrap up securing with matching ribbon.

The great thing about this gift is that as it is a hamper style, you can really suit any budget depending on the quality and quantity of items used. I managed to spend JUST less than $30 on this gift. However, it was easy to see how you could spend VERY close to (and probably more than) $100 if your budget allows.

Lauren x

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