About me and Homemade

 I dedicate this blog to all things 'homemade'. "HOMEMADE" to me is all about how I make my house feel like our home. My style fuses modern comforts with classic quality. I do love my gadgets but balance with the simple things in life.

Hi, I am Lauren. I am 30 years old and I married my childhood sweetheart, in 2003. He is amazing and is my rock and I am still falling madly in love with him more each day. I am also mother to my gorgeous two boys Mr Clever(8) and Mr Cheeky (5) and our recent addition The Little Princess (our baby).
Life is sometimes messy, mostly active, never predictable and always beautiful!
I love shoes. Pretty shoes.
I love coffee. I also LOVE tea - MANY kinds of Tea.
I organise and colour code almost anything possible.
I love reading books to and with my boys. Especially cuddled up in bed.
Cooking is like therapy to me. Whether it is sweet or savoury, baking or roasting. I just love to create with food. And share it too!
I love kids wooden toys.
I love writing with a sharpened pencil, and also on my iPad.
I Love Brown paper packages tied up with string (I love string and twine, there's always a use for it)
I hate ironing. A LOT!
I love sewing and getting crafty at any chance I get.
I love to surprise people and entertain.
I love anything with history and sentimental value, especially things handed down from mine and my husbands family. I hope one day to have things to pass down to my children also.  

Our dream has always been to be on acerage of some sort. Creating a one of a kind home which has room for guests, the smell of scones, jams and meals from the kitchen and a craft room with a view of magnificence! One day we will have our free range lifetstyle and my boys (and the BIG boy) are dreaming of their man cave filled with his copious motorbikes and other big boy toys!  

Why Blogging?
This blog started as a way for me to keep a track of my recipes, crafts and online "gems" that I find and I frequently log on to retrieve things I have recorded. The blogging world has connected me with a world of other people and their ideas and it is a tool that I believe has taught me so much about myself as I learn new things and push my imagination and skills to new heights. 

I hope you find some things on here that you like and that you try them. I love to hear from you, so email me at homemadebylauren@gmail.com with ideas, feedback or if you just want to say hi :)

Lauren x


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