Thursday, March 5, 2015

{Lunchbox Life}

How is it that a small box made of plastic can evoke such strong feelings of fear or apathy in the average school Mum. I am in fact talking about the lunch box. Many mums I speak to dread the packing of lunches and love the freedom that the school holidays bring when we get a few weeks 'off' this chore.    
When I started Kindy there wasn't a lot of variation the actual lunchbox itself either. 
I seem to remember mine looked a bit like this. This was before the days of 'naked lunch' (no plastic wraps), bento boxes and lunchboxes with insulated bags and characters. There 

Image result for decor lunch box and drink bottle
There also weren't as many rules about what you are allowed to pack inside the lunchbox back in my day either. Things sure have changed. I frequently get asked what I pack in my kids lunch boxes. I try my hardest to find food that is healthy and balanced, food to keep them interested but not going so far as to create a ridiculous edible artwork. Like this:

My children, I love you dearly. But I will never be the mum that creates a Disney character out of Swiss cheese, rice, an edible food pen and strategically placed poppy seeds. I'm just not that that mum. Something tells me you'll cope though ;) 

However, a new sandwich alternative has been a big win here this week. And it's easy too. A lot of days it's a jam, ham or Vegemite sandwich, which they are happy with. But these 'wrap sticks' have won 2 big fans here. 

I just used some mountain bread and rolled it up with ham and cheese. Cut the wrap into 4 pieces and thread onto a skewer (I cut the ends off so there weren't sharp pointy edges). 
I included some cherry toms and carrot sticks also. If this was at home I would have added some homemade tabouli...but that's too messy for school. 

Morning tea was pretzels, dried strawberry cubes, and an apple. Some blueberry yoghurt for after lunch too. Both lunchboxes came home empty which is the biggest tick of approval I could ever get! 

Q: What's something new you've tried in lunchboxes recently?
Lauren x

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