Tuesday, December 2, 2014

{R.A.C.K. 2014 : Random Acts of Christmas Kindness}

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love the festivity, the food, the celebrations and the traditions. We have many traditions but this year we are ramping up the tradition we started over the last few years where we use this season to focus on generosity. {original post here}. I have written before {link here} about how easy it is to over-indulge at this time of year with food, gifts and money in general.
I love going all out at this time of year, but I also love teaching the kids (as I try to do all year long) that it's not just about us. There is more to life than what's in it for me? If I leave a legacy to my kids of generosity being a standard and always looking out for others, I will be a happy Mum. 

So, instead of the week before or the 12 days before the 25th, this year we are doing a R.A.C.K. challenge every day as a part of our advent countdown. I am posting some of them on my Instagram account @homemadebylauren and on our facebook page with the hash-tag #rack2014. Feel free to join in and tag your ideas for others to share. 

Some of the challenges require leaving a note with it for the person who will receive it. Here I have simply made up a little note to explain and printed it off:

Here is the master list I have written for the challenges.
1 - Make Afternoon tea for someone in your family
2 - Pray for the children who will receive our Christmas shoeboxes and deliver them to the warehouse {link here}.
3 - Draw a picture and give it to someone special.
4 -Learn a funny joke and tell it to 3 people.
5 - Pay for the person behind us at Maccas drive-through. 
6 - Make a meal for a friend and deliver it to them.
7 - Write a letter or a card or a drawing to a kids leader at church.
8 - Write a card and give it to your teachers
9 - When returning your books to the library, slip in a bookmark that you made and give one to the librarian too.
10 - Hold the door open for someone today.
11 - Give  people a compliment today.
12 - Leave a new container of wipes in the parents room near the change table.
13 - Give a free hug to someone.
14 -  Write a letter or a card or a drawing to a friend at church.
15 - take some Poinsettias to a nursing home near us.
16 - Find a toy to donate to some children that need it.
17 - Offer a cold bottle of water and a treat to our postman.
18 - Donate some food to a pet shelter.
19 - Pay for a coffee for someone.
20 - bake cookies for the neighbors
21 - Bring some treats to some nurses at the local hospital.
22 - Leave a coin on a shopping center ride as a surprise.
23 - Take a card and a treat to the local Fire Station.
24 - Let someone in front of you in a queue.
25 - CHRISTMAS DAY - enjoy with family!

I would love to know what R.A.C.K'd ideas you do in your house, so feel free to let me know in the comments below, on FB or Instagram (details above) or just tag your ideas with #rack2014 to share.

Merry Christmas everyone;
Lauren x

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