Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{Creamy Pumpkin Gnocchi Bake}

I haven't posted a recipe in a while, just been in school holidays mode for a few weeks. 
Today I wanted to take a meal to a dear friend who just had a baby, and she is a vegetarian. Now, I love eating 'veggo' food at home, but this was SO delicious I reckon it would please any carnivore! If not, add a bit off bacon on top ;)
This dish was a surprising success as I set myself a challenge to 'shop the pantry/ fridge' and use what I had on hand. I kind of winged it and in normal fashion, I didn't really measure the ingredients. Here is my best efforts at recalling the exact measurements. In honesty though, this isn't a precision recipe like a sponge cake. This is the kind of cooking that you can be a little bit more relaxed and rustic with.  

1 Whole Butternut Pumpkin
2 cloves garlic
1 pkt Gnocchi 
Rosemary Sprig (I just got a stalk from our herb garden. Could also use sage)
Pine nuts (I used about 100g, but you could use more if wanted)
Parmesan Cheese (about a handful - 3/4 or 1 cup)
1/4 cup pouring cream
Salt and Pepper to season
Dried Porcini Mushrooms (optional)
Tasty cheese to sprinkle on top
Top with some fried bacon if not a vegetarian meal.

1. Cut your pumpkin in half length ways. Spray with oil spray and season. Place on an oven tray with garlic and roast until tender. (This step can be done ahead of time and refrigerated).
2.  Once it has cooled out of the oven, scoop out the flesh and puree with garlic in the blender/ food processor. Set aside.
3. Coat a frying pan with olive oil. Toast the rosemary and pine nuts until lightly coloured. Don't walk away here, otherwise it will burn. Scoop out with slotted spoon onto paper towel and set aside. 
4. Place the Gnocchi in the saucepan as per packet instructions.
5. Place pumpkin puree in the rosemary infused oil and heat on low heat. Add the Parmesan, cream, S&P, Pine nuts and rosemary. You could also add the dried mushrooms here (just hydrate with hot water first and drain before adding).  
6. Once the Gnocchi is cooked (floats to top and looks 'fluffy' and 'plump') scoop into the pumpkin mixture and fold through to coat. 
7. Top with some tasty cheese (to taste), a sprinkle of fresh rosemary. 
(At this point I fried up a little bacon to sprinkle on one of the dishes as only one of the couple is a vegetarian).
8. Place under grill or the oven to melt cheese on top and serve with fresh steamed vegetables. 

This will be definitely featuring on our dining table soon but in one large casserole style dish I think. 

Lauren x 


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  1. Super delicious sounding recipe Lauren! I must admit I'm not vegetarian but I do love doing meat free meals every week.



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